Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Well, hello there. SURPRISE! I am making a post. I had to take a hiatus from knitting, blogging, and a lot of other things I really enjoy doing, to concentrate on cleaning up the poopy mess left by my failed business. That, and finding a new job. Since I kinda like the analogy, about that poopy mess? Let's just say we scrubbed, sprayed it with Lysol disinfectant, and threw a scatter-rug over it. Every few weeks, around payday oddly enough, I will trip over that scatter-rug and lavish some hard-earned money more disinfectant upon the ugly, reeking mess spot. For about the next 20 to 30 years. (I smell a book here..."Kill Your Ailing Business Before It Tries To Kill You!")

-this post originally appeared on my other blog, my knitting blog (?!) on June 6/06...that's 666. Ha ha.


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