Thursday, June 14, 2012

Double Unicorn Success Club, Here I come!!!

OMG, OMG, OMG!!!  I am joining a book club ! ! ! 

This is funny, because I am a very slow reader.  AND I don't own the book yet, 'cause I have no money, and I live 70 miles from the nearest book store, and there is only one copy in the library system of my puny branch of the local library, although I guess I am the first on the list when it gets here, whichever month that will be...

I really am a slow reader.  I married into a family of readers that devour serious books, taking entire evenings to read them. (/sarc off)  I discovered my favourite author about 30 years ago, and I had almost caught up on the backlog of books she wrote before I had discovered her, but then I started bearing and raising children, and having no money or time to keep up, she got away from me.  She wrote books way faster than I could read them.  I am sad that she died last year, but I will be enjoying her books, probably I won't ever finish reading them all. 

But now, I have a favourite Living Authoress !

I will get the t-shirt!


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