Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mass Destruction!

The weapons!!!

Scary, aren't they?

Ewwww!!!  Body parts!

But wait...
Some of these I'll put in the "fridge"!  Like...

...strange threaded brass ball, or I guess it's a nut.  Sadly, only one of them.  The other was replaced by those two screws.  Decorative.

(CSA Approved!)

...tension pole...NOT!   You'd have to hack-saw some of the pieces to wedge it in to fit my 7-foot ceilings.  Don't ask me how I know this.  Well, okay, I'll tell you anyway!  'Cause I had to do surgery on my Mom & Dad H.'s pole lamp (circa 1954) with the three beautiful amber glass shades that started my amber glass fixation collection. of the switches still has it's knob, and those marrettes (sp?).

Which brings me to...The Victims!!!

I killed one ugly-pole floor lamp and one ugly-pole tension-pole lamp and got 4, count 'em, four lovely light fixtures out of the deal...happy Kathen!  Now, where will I put them?  and how will I hang/mount them?  Not sure yet, but I am very happy not to be banging into them every time I turn around in my kitchen.  LOL!

What?  You don't like them?

...See the light?  Not really?  Yeah, me neither.  Let me try again...

...see?  I held one up in front of my bedroom lamp, and I think they show some promise!  I am going to rub some antiquing (Is that a word?  Antique-ing?)  on the gold.  It looks cool in this picture, but in real light, the antique brass looking stuff is a garish bright gold colour.

So, that is how Kathen cheers herself up when the anti-depression drugs are not cutting it.  Not to worry, I will be better in a day or two.  Mass Destruction really helps my mood!  Only thing better is Mass Construction!  Or actually, Mass.  But that's a post for another day.


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