Saturday, June 16, 2012


That's the word for the day, kiddies.  Miasma.  That's what I've had around here for the past few days.  Rain.  Rain.  Rain.  Repeat, ad nauseam.  The grass has prodigiously grown up to my knees, since my sunshine-filled hours have been filled with excitement or recovery from said excitement. 

Fire*.  Water**.  Work***.  Then lotsa rain to keep the grass wet and growing.  Bah.

The famous quote, from I-don't-remember, is that "the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again, and expecting a different result".  So, today I am doing everything weird I can think of.  I will have tomorrow to do the mundane tasks of living that I am procrastinating over, anyway.

Hang mirrors.  Clean hallway.  Call the plumber.  (I am not a strong woman, by any stretch of the imagination.  How the heck did I strip the brand-new hot-water knob in my bathtub?!)  Dismantle the pole-lamps I got at The Nearly-New Sale three years ago. (I have plans for them.  Big plans.  Weird plans.  Not-BGH plans.  Ha.)

Will update y'all tonight on my progress.  'Cause the first step is to step away from this computer.

*I did not take pictures of my neighbour's porch trying to burn down a week ago.  I could not bear the thought.  I just stood there for 4 hours praying.  Thank God it was not windy.  I live in a trailer.  Thank God for our Fire Department.  They are heroes all.

**Allowing your car to dip it's nose into a water-filled ditch (F*****g Ducks!!!) is a recipe for disaster.  And a new-old car.  I'll never replace that sturdy little Toyota with the money MPIC will see fit to give me. 

***Gotta find more.  Part-time isn't cutting it, even the Best Part-time Job In The World.


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