Monday, December 26, 2005


Here are the great Christmukah bunnies. Maybe "The Shining" isn't your idea of a Christmukah movie, but they have a new one: A Christmas Story. It is very...memorable. The Bunnies now rate a button on my sidebar.

The adorable bunny is a Meme: just by viewing it, tag, you're it! Now you can post this bunny on your blog! Thanks to Norge Thingy , who has exemplified the true spirit of Christmukah in many startling ways.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Chrismas, one and all...

...big and small...short and tall...
The tree that I see was up on December 8...we finally got decorated. Enough to say it's decorated.
We got our Christmas funds to go shopping on Dec. 23. We did it. We hurt after, but we did it.
DTH got Gigi from Gimli. Dear Sister and Brother made it to Amma and Grampa's place.
Our wrapping is done before 2 am. on Christmas Eve.
May all your Christmases be bright!
Luv from Kathen.